Design and implement a Sales Optimised Website

This standalone website was created to look great across all devices & smartphones, and to provide the shopfront for Customers to easily place orders which are accepted by the restaurant in real time. If a user attempts to place an order while the store is closed, they can still do so by choosing to select a later time from the provided list.

Integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook it provides detailed reports on visitors and actions taken on the site. This helps us to optimise the content on an ongoing basis, continuosly improving on metrics such as “Vistor to Order” ratios and abandoned checkouts.  We used a mixture of customer supplied imagery and stock photography for this site.

The next step was to agree the initial menu and opening hours. We took care of assembling the menu online so it was user friendly, looked stunning, and most importantly, designed to increase average order value.

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Setup and connect a payment gateway to start receiving orders with the App

The most important thing is to get paid promptly for your orders. We guide you through the process of setting up a merchant account with a provider like Stripe or Square; and integrate it to the order processing section of the website. It normally only takes a couple of hours to get the required API key activated, but in this case it was completed in around 20 mintues.

Once the payment gateway is connected and you are able to take and charge for orders, we turn to setting up & testing the order receiving app. This is another swift process, requiring only a dedicated smartphone or tablet to be installed in the restaurant/kitchen with the installed app.

Once the app is online we can check its order receiving status using our backend ‘heart-beat’ monitioring software. The system is set up to alert the user of the app if the battery power is low, the alert volume is turned down, or if the app gets closed. As a secondary backup, an automated phone call will alert the user (on a number of their choice) if for any reason the app goes offline.

Start promoting your new online store!

Now you are up and running, it’s time to tell the world. We found that the number of orders you can expect to receive directly relates to the extent and reach of associated advertising campaigns. In short, the more visitors you get to your new website – the more orders you are likely to receive.

There are many ways to achieve this, but the most succesful ones we’ve seen are based around Facebook Advertising campaigns, especially for sites adding their menu for direct ordering through the Facebook App. Please get in touch directly for more information regarding our accompanying Facebook Ad Campaigns.

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