Frequently Asked Questions

Time is money, and we know exactly how important it is to be able to make fast and effective changes to your business in order to capitalise on opportunities as they arise. As such, we will have your new site up and running withing 3-5 days of signing up with us.

Once we have you set up with a Digital Payment Gateway and Merchant Account, payment will be taken from the customer the moment that their order is placed online. No more juggling phones and exchanging bank details – just fast and efficient sales!

Whether you want to reach the  whole of the UK or just your local town, you can define your delivery area easily and precisely, giving you control. Our partner delivery system has a host of tools and analytics that are both satisfying to use and empower you to operate efficiently.

We have packages to suit every customer and situation. Whether you prefer to pay a flat fee each month and retain 100% of your online order revenue, or whether you prefer the security of only paying a small commission on orders that you fulfil – we genuinely want to provide you with a solution that works for you and your company.

Absolutely! As long as we have one month’s written notice to let us change things around for you, you’re more than welcome to switch your plan to one that’s a better fit. You can even cancel if our service isn’t meeting your expectations – although we like to think that’s an impossibility!

Absolutely. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing business presence – whether that’s developing a stand-alone website, adding a sales optimized section to your existing website, and even allowing customers to purchase immediately from a menu on Facebook! Whichever option works best for you, your brand will be front and center.

Our system has reporting tools that allow the monitoring of every aspect of customer interaction with your site and sales portal. We will keep you up to speed with customer numbers, sales figures, abandoned orders and any other relevant metric that helps you make critical decisions.

The short answer is twofold: for price and control. The larger platforms charge high rates of commission (between 20%-40% on average), and your brand is positioned among the entire field of your competitors, with little chance for individual brands to differentiate themselves. Our independent online ordering solutions allow you to deal directly with your customers – keeping them away from browsing the competition – and all for a fraction of the price.

By all means give it a go! Unfortunately these processes are complex and nuanced, and take a huge amount of time to perfect. We’ve spent countles hours working on hundreds of websites and ordering systems, and are proud of the high standard of service that we offer our customers. Just as you specialise in running your business, we specialise in creating digital solutions. So if you want to get up a running as soon as possible, it makes sense to work with the experts.

One of the advantages of working with BulletFish is that we area also adept content creators and digital marketers. We can advise you on precisely how to update your customers on changes on Social Media, via email or on your website – and would love to discuss our Advertising Campaign packages if you’re looking for immediate results!

We’d love to! We have a talented team of copywriters who are excited to take your information and menu and craft mouth-watering descriptions and engaging and SEO friendly flavor text for your website.

We use a 12-month contract for all our clients, but we only need 30 days’ written notice if you’d like to cancel your plan for whatever reason. We’re committed to helping you make the most of your business, and we appreciate that having the flexibility to react to economic changes is a must.

Not at all! We have access to an unlimited library of attractive stock images that will help present your items in the best possible way. And if you have a really niche item or dish that isn’t covered in the stock site – our experienced creative content department is capable of creating bespoke images for you too.

You certainly can. This is recommended, in fact, and our team can advise on the best way to engage customers with your preferred menu items. 

We’re here for you 24/7. When you come on board with BulletFish, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on call any time of the day or night. Our aim is to give you the confidence to make this leap into growing your business and increasing sales.

All our solutions are optimized for all platforms and devices, meaning you can offer a unified and consistent brand experience to your customers – no matter how they’re browsing your wares.

We completely understand – there are elements of risk associated with any growth initiative, and implementing an online ordering system is no different. We offer a range of packages to suit your situation, and we can arrange payment at a fixed flat rate, or on commission – whichever works best for you.

We’re able to make changes to your site within minutes, and stock-counting functionality means you’ll never run the risk ok of selling items you don’t have.

You can pick whichever approach works best for you. We have free resources and can offer guidance on the best way to manage hand-over to your customers, and our partnerships with delivery software providers mean that getting delivery routes set-up is easier than you’d think.

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